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islanded in a stream of stars
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This gif makes it looks consensual, I’m just saying.

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doctor, it’s coming, i can feel it. i’m gonna die.

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Well honestly, if the TARDIS was in my bedroom, I’d be striking that pose, too.

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Amy: But trees! On a space ship?
The Doctor: Oh, more than trees, way better than trees. You’re going to love this. Treeborgs… Trees plus technology. Branches become cables. Become sensors on the hull. A forest sucking in starlight. Breathing out air. It even rains. There’s a whole mini-climate. It is an eco-pod running through the heart of the ship. A forest in a bottle, on a space ship, in a maze. Have I impressed you yet, Amy Pond?

Doctor Who 5x05 - Flesh and Stone

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Tonight’s Doctor Who calls for a very special case of MIND BLOWN.

Seriously, I don’t even know what to think.

What do you think?!

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